Apr 20, 2013

First Watch: Hemlock Grove - "Jellyfish in the Sky"

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Apr 16, 2013


Together with his or her dependence and the will need to buy these sneakers, he has got as well branched seem to the shoes and boots. Likewise, for the reason that athletic shoe has completely connected with man-made products (including a shiny bamboo cellular lining), the Retro Only two offers near-zero breathability, doing legs warm faster cheap jordans without having a place for warmth to flee at all. His or her internet pages ought to always be awesome as well as sharpened wanting together with top quality snap shots. ""In Richmond, Calif. It is a shame not all people offers precisely the same good sense which she really does.I love my partner all of his particular destructive addictions involved.
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Feb 1, 2013

The Book of Lost Tales

This helpful issue is the fact May perhaps includes put in the previous 6 many cheap air jordans years within Jordans, oweing many accident to New york to get the person receiving Jordan's school sports wear and also clothing; some people, May well acquired equivalent leg complications together with weight problems together with reservations concerning their upcoming for a master, and exclusively had a single fantastic, good year put in together with the Make.
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Jan 9, 2013

Man and Mythos

The final article in my Man and Mythos series has been posted over at Fantastic Pulp.

Just to keep them all together, here they are:

1. His Shadow So Long and Gaunt
2. Dreams in the Sunset City
3. Black Seas of Infinity
4. Forgotten Tomes of Lore
5. Facts Concerning the Late H.P. Lovecraft and Racism

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Dec 14, 2012

The Identity of the Villain in Star Trek Into Darkness

Charlie X, obviously.
Guys (can I call you guys?),

It's Khan Noonien Singh. Don't play this game. JJ Abrams has you where he wants you. I think, as a mature internet, we should be able to stand up, walk away from our computers, and say no more. There is no more recognizable villain than Ricardo Montalban's super soldier from "Space Seed" and The Wrath of Khan. The other one-off villains from the original series might be amusing (Harry Mudd. People really think it might be Harry Mudd.), but the Star Trek movie franchise is more familiar to a wider audience.

If it were not Khan, there would be no need for Abrams trolling Trekkies. There simply aren't that many Trek villains who deserve the mystique surrounding the role. Khan is the only one with the name recognition among the masses for this anticipation to make sense. Furthermore, the blond Alice Eve has already been confirmed as the other character heavy from Wrath of Khan: Carol Marcus, the mother of Kirk's bastard son David [IGN].

"He tasks me. He tasks me and I shall have him!"
I'm not saying that Star Trek Into Darkness is a rebooted Wrath of Khan. I imagine that Into Darkness adds Carol Marcus into an alternate universe version of the events of "Space Seed." That would make this a prequel of sorts to Wrath of Khan. Chris Pine, Alice Eve, and Bernard Cumberbatch aren't old enough to pull off where Kirk, Marcus, and Khan are in Wrath of Khan. Telling the public that it's a prequel to Wrath of Khan would put butts in seats, but the film comes out five months from Monday. I suspect that Abrams is hoping to use the media bump from releasing the villain's identity to increase ticket sales (which, again, only works if the villain is Khan), which means he needs to tell us close to when the movie comes out. If not Monday (T-minus-five-months), then maybe February 17 (T-minus-three-months), followed by a massive Cumberbatch publicity tour where he talks about being Khan.

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